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The manufacturer and exporter of Food Additives in China,such as Ammonium bicarbonate food grade,Sodium bicarbonate food grade,
Distilled monoglycerides,Sodium saccharin,Dextrose Monohydrate,etc.
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Top Quality Food Additives
The manufacturer in China
Food additives are substances added to food to preserve flavor or enhance its taste and appearance. Some additives have been used for centuries;it maily includes Antioxidants,Emulsifiers,Flavors,Leavening Agent,Preservatives,Stabilizers,Sweeteners,Thickeners,etc.   
  1. Ammonium Bicarbonate
    Ammonium Bicarbonate
    used in baker products as leavening agent
  2. Sodium Bicarboante food grade
    Sodium Bicarboante food grade
    used in baker products as leavening agent
  3. Sodium Bicarboante Malan brand
    Sodium Bicarboante Malan brand
    used in baker products as leavening agent
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